Amateur Tattoos – Easy to Put On, Difficult to Remove

The popularity of amateur tattoos Remove in the last two decades has rejected an alternative industry … tattoo removal. According to some studies, approx. 20% to 30% of amateur tattooed people ultimately want it removed. Using lasers offers a more cosmetically acceptable method than surgery or dermabrasion. When I see patients considering laser amateur tattoo removal, laser tattoo treatment would be a more accurate term. I would like to emphasize the following principles.

Amateur Tattoos are a form of exogenous pigments

Amateur Tattoos are a form of exogenous pigments that historically consist of salts of heavy metals and oxides in various colors and shades.Tattoo pigments, unlike substances and most cosmetics, are not regulate. Neither the tattoo artist nor the patient is unaware of the exact composition of the tattoo pigments. As a result, it is impossible to predict whether a Amateur tattoo will respond effectively to laser treatments.

There are two basic types of Amateur tattoos: artistic, professional and amateur. Highly decorative professional tattoos have different pigments and are very difficult to remove. Require many treatments, and complete removal is rarely achieve. They often use colors that are particularly resistant to laser removal, including colors such as pink, orange, yellow, and green. Amateur amateur tattoos often use charcoal ink as a pigment. Are generally a color and respond quite well to laser treatments. However, some amateur tattoos are place very deep into the skin. Often parts of the tattoo are below the surface of the skin and are impossible to remove completely.

laser Amateur tattooing

In order for a patient to consider treatment with laser Amateur tattooing, they must accept the following:

1) Several treatment sessions are always require, 4 to 10 treatments per. Amateur Tattoo. It is impossible to predict how many laser sessions may be need before the first treatment.

2) Complete removal of most Amateur tattoos is not achieve. Clearance, partial clearance and a residual “ghost” are often the best outcome for many patients.

3) Patients with darker skin pigmentation are poor candidates for laser Amateur tattoo treatments and have a high risk of scarring and hypopigmentation of the treated areas.

Finally, it is important to know that cosmetic Amateur tattoos. Permanent makeup such as eyeliners and lip liners. Usually contain compounds of iron oxide and titanium dioxide. These types of Amateur tattoos will get darker rather than light with laser treatments.

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