Temporary Tattoos- A Long History of Temporary Accessorizing

It is difficult to pinpoint when the first History temporary tattoos debute. but it is believe that they were designed and produce around the turn of the century. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, temporary tattoos create in a food coloring style were inserted into boxes of Cracker Jacks®. These temporary tattoos were transfer from the paper to the skin using saliva or water. Surprisingly, Cracker Jacks® still uses the same style of temporary tattoos as one of their “prize in a box” surprises today.

Cornerstone of temporary tattoos

The food coloring style remained the cornerstone of temporary tattoos for decades. Temporary tattoos have been use by television shows, sports teams, and cartoons to gain recognition among young consumers. For example, Topps not only used sports cards to sell their gum, many of which are extremely collectible items today. But they also inserted temporary tattoos called Baseball Tattoos in the 1970s. Smurf, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and The Bionic Womenfolk they sold correspondences of temporary tattoos as a way to endorse their individual television expressions. All were create using food coloring style tattoo production.

In the 1980s, temporary tattoos were create that were different and more exotic than the usual style of food coloring. First up, there were the temporary tattoos, Scratch and Sniff. Which had a special microfragrence® coating designed and developed by 3M. These temporary tattoos were still base on the same artistic styles. As the previous food coloring style, and were never really capture. However, the Dandy Novelty Company collaborated with a world-famous tattoo artist. Ole Hansen from Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 1980s, and together they produced. An entirely new series of temporary tattoos based on the artwork of the flash. Of the actual tattoo.

Elaborate in producing a temporary tattoo

This new look for temporary tattoos generated a lot of interest and eventually Hollywood nodded. 3M was once more elaborate in producing a temporary tattoo. That was position on a gleaming picture that could be relocate to the frame deprived of saliva. This allowed the actors to get a tattoo for a character that looked real, but was again only temporary. This style of temporary tattoo, currently in production by Paper temporary Tattoos. Has essentially replaced the food coloring style entirely (except for Cracker Jack prize packs) due to the fact that the designs are angular. Realistic, and more durable than the ones. Previously released temporary tattoo brands. . Today, temporary tattoos are consider essentially part of body art and are often use as fashion accessories in the same way. That someone chooses a pair of earrings, a navel ring, or other body decoration.

Temporary Tattoos – Why They Became Popular


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